Just Transition for High Carbon Industry (COP26)

The decarbonisation of industry requires a reinvention of production processes with access to a vast new network of climate infrastructures delivering low-carbon electricity, energy carriers, feedstock and abatement solutions. How can we realise this major transformation of our economy in a way that sees new opportunities, jobs and growth return to our industrial heartlands and beyond? How can government enable climate leadership in an industry that remains competitive today and gains an advantage tomorrow? And how can we deliver the new climate infrastructures as the backbone of the net-zero economy at the right scale, pace and price?

In two panel discussions, the plans and actions to achieve a just transition for high carbon industries, the potential of the ‘building back better’ and ‘levelling up’ agendas, and the international opportunities around the provision of net-zero climate infrastructures were discussed

Confirmed speakers were:

  • Lee Beck, Clean Air Task Force 
  • Jane Cooper, Orsted
  • Cecile Faraud, C40 Cities
  • Ane Gjengeda, Advisor, Norwegian Ministryfor Petroleum and Energy
  • Andy Lane,  Net Zero Teesside
  • Luciana Miu, EPG
  • Nick Molho, Aldersgate Group
  • Cordi O’Hara, National Grid Ventures
  • Anne-Beth Skrede, Special Advisor, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Hilde Tonne, Statnett
  • Professor Karen Turner,  Centre for Energy Policy

Please note that this was a Blue Zone event, and any attendees needed to have the appropriate credentials to enter the area and to have been able to attend the event. 

If you had accreditation, you can access the event online.