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CEP Events

At the Centre for Energy Policy we believe that bringing people together is one of the best ways to promote energy policy thinking and make our work more effective and impactful. We have a relatively busy calendar of events throughout the year, which cover the needs of different audiences via a wide range of formats.

Our roundtable events are primarily targeted to specialised audiences, bringing together experts to discuss and help us steer our research towards answering public policy facing questions. We also host seminars and lectures that feature our work on specific topics or the work of important stakeholders in the policy making community. These seminars/lectures are usually attended by experts and informed members of the policy and academic communities. Finally, our most popular events are the Energy Conversations. As the name implies they are designed to be lively, informed discussions between a panel of experts and the audience, which consists of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. So please explore our previous and upcoming events and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Past Events

  • Thurs

    Do we have a new understanding of the ‘Just Transition’? – Ensuring prosperity in the race to Net Zero

    Centre for Energy Policy celebrated a birthday. It is 5 years since the Centre began to work on research which would grow to be relied upon for thoughtful, objective information on socio-economic implications of energy policy options considered by Scottish and UK Governments.

    With new ambitious emission reduction targets announced a year ago the Centre hosted our first webinar to mark the birthday and our contribution to the public policy debate on energy and climate issues until now and going forward.

    While the Coronavirus pandemic has caused the COP conference to be delayed until mid 2021, the online event invited open discussion on the Centre’s 5 key messages that are ultimately aimed at informing the COP, but which we believe are relevant and important at considering the ‘Just Transition’ in a range of wider public policy contexts (including the current challenge of economic recovery).

    The event was opened by the Chair of the Centre’s Advisory Group, former energy Minister Brian Wilson, followed by an address by the Centre’s Director Professor Karen Turner. We then had an open Q & A followed by an informal online networking session. You will find the recording of the event here.

  • Wed

    All Energy Plenary - The Path to Net Zero

    Professor Karen Turner presented at the All Energy Plenary Session Webinar - Path to Net Zero which was held on May 13th, she was joined by Chris Stark, CEO of the Committee on Climate Change(Pre-recorded presentation) Keith Anderson, CEO, Scottish Power and Rebecca Willis, Professor in Practice, Lancaster Environment Centre.

  • Monday

    Net Zero and the Future of Energy with Chris Stark

    Chris Stark, the Chief Executive of the UK Committee on Climate Change is the keynote speaker for this collaborative event which will explore opportunities and challenges for achieving Net Zero. Starting with a review of low carbon energy policy evolution in the past few years, Chris will outline the increasing need for prompt action to address climate change.

    • How to make effective use of ‘all of the tools in the box’ including energy efficiency, renewable energy, as well as carbon capture and storage to deliver Net Zero?
    • What will help address the significant challenge of moving consumers from attitudes to behaviours, whilst recognising the need to achieve a Just Transition for all?
    • What can professionals and experts in the energy sector do to support and deliver this Net Zero Energy System Challenge?


    The audience will have the opportunity to put their questions to Chris Stark and the panel about the key challenges for achieving the Net Zero Future Energy System.

    Many thanks to the Centre for Energy Policy and the University of Strathclyde for hosting this event, SHFCA and Energy at Edinburgh for facilitation, and Arup for supporting this event.