Confucius Institute for Scotlands Schools Self-evaluation for self-improvement

Our publication 'Self-evaluation for self-improvement' puts quality improvement at the heart of what we do.

The document is designed to support Confucius Classroom staff and schools as they reflect upon their practice and evaluate the overall impact of the Confucius Classroom Hub.

Read the publication Self-evaluation for self-improvement. Version 1.

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View the most recent evaluation report Our Confucius Classrooms. An evaluation. 

A range of teaching approaches are used to meet the need of different learning styles. In the lessons, cultural differences are pointed out and marvelled at, never judged thus inviting pupils to question and wonder about their own culture.

In Moray the whole authority is involved in the teaching of Mandarin. We felt that this approach was the fairest to the young people of Moray, and we are committed to give all our pupils many learning opportunities and to equip them for a competitive world of work. We also decided to make Mandarin available to all ages, and we have a nursery class learning all about China.

- Moray Confucius Classroom Hub Self-Evaluation Report 2016-17