Certificate of Continuing Education (CCEd) in Spanish

The CCEd in Spanish is a qualification that will bring beginners' Spanish language skills to first-year university standard in a year via evening classes. Students also have the option of continuing studies into second year and up to university pass level within three years.

We are currently accepting applications for the next three-year cycle of the CCEd in Spanish, which, numbers permitting, will commence in September 2023.

An approved qualification

The Certificate for Continuing Education is an evening degree programme comprises undergraduate level modules in the language at first, second and third-year levels.

The two first-year modules, Introduction 1A and Introduction 1B, are intensive beginners’ classes. They are suitable for people with some or no knowledge of the language but with previous experience of language learning, and would equally suit those with qualifications in the language from some years ago who wish to refresh their knowledge.

The CCEd provides a General Teaching Council approved qualification and has in previous years appealed to candidates from diverse backgrounds including:

  • professional people with an interest in the Spanish-speaking world and their languages (journalists, marketing consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.)
  • secondary school teachers wishing to acquire an additional language
  • primary school teachers
  • teachers of classics
  • musicians

Even though you could potentially have a university pass degree level within three years, there is no need for you to make a long term commitment, since enrolment will initially be for one year and renewable on an annual basis. You will be free to opt out at any stage.

On completion of the full course, you will qualify for the award of the Certificate of Continuing Education.


Although this class is offered part-time via evening classes, it mirrors the courses taken by our full-time undergraduates, and will be taught by the same university staff, many of them native speakers, who also teach the day-time students. You will therefore be guaranteed access to genuine university standard courses on a part-time basis, leading to a reputable qualification, and you will have access to the same university facilities enjoyed by full-time students, including:

  • The Library (Curran Building)
  • Strath Union
  • IT facilities
  • Strathclyde Sport


The course is offered on a one evening class per week basis over 22 weeks, and follows the normal day-time University teaching semesters (i.e. from late September to December and from mid-January to May). The examination period will be between late April and late May.

Please note that courses will only run once the minimum number of enrolments has been met. Enrolments permitting, classes will begin in mid-September. Please note that in exceptional cases, we will consider late applications. Please enquire if in doubt.


In 2023-24 registration fees for the CCEd courses are £950 (please note that students who under exceptional circumstances are allowed direct entry into 2nd semester of the course will have to pay the full £950 for the course), covering 22 weeks of tuition and examination fees.

If you plan to undertake the course for reasons of continuing professional development and could make a case to this effect, you might wish to approach your employer for support. If you are a practising teacher you could approach your school or local education authority.

These courses also qualify for support of up to £500 from ILA Scotland for applicants whose earnings are below the income threshold of £22,000.  Visit SAAS for more information.(http://www.saas.gov.uk/part_time/index.htm)

Find further information on GTC registration


Please note all applicants for Professional Registration in an MFL registration category will need to have met the residency requirement in full before submitting their application.

Application form

If you're interested in signing up for this course please contact Lidia Acosta for further application details. (e-mail: kerry.roberts@strath.ac.uk)