Strathclyde Early Childhood Education Hub

Our vision is to foreground Early Childhood Education in Scotland, and internationally, as something that is vital for the learning, health and wellbeing of young children. As leaders in the field, we collaborate with other researchers and practitioners around the world to realise high quality Early Childhood Education as a fundamental right for all children.

Our vision is underpinned by five themes which represent our ethos for early childhood education: 

  • Children are positioned at the heart of decision making and practice; 
  • Responsive play and enquiry pedagogies drive learning in a child-centred manner; 
  • Relationships, belonging and relational practices foster evolving and progressive approaches to Early Childhood Education; 
  • Inclusive practices, grounded in a children’s rights, social justice and a focus on diversity are paramount to generating holistic representations of childhoods and children’s learning cultures in Scotland and internationally.
  • Children’s, practitioners’ and families' voices should be celebrated and used to ground practice developments.