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30-31 March 2021: OECD Roundtable on People-Centred Justice

Inspiring Children's Futures will be participating in the OECD Roundtable on People-Centred Justice as part of the larger Justice for Children initiative. For for full details, click here.

7-12 March 2021: Kyoto Pledge on Child Rights and Criminal Justice

Inspiring Children's Futures supports Justice With Children's call for states to commit to the Kyoto Pledge on Child Rights and Criminal Justice at the 14th UN Crime Congress. For more details, see here.

7-12 March 2021: Jennifer Davidson Presents at 14th UN Crime Congress

Jennifer Davidson of Inspiring Children's Futures will be presenting at the 14th UN Crime Congress on the findings of the Justice for Children in the COVID Era paper. For full details, see here.

19 November 2020: Presentation to the Victim Support Europe Annual Conference

Inspiring Children's Futures presented "The Covid 4P Log for Children's Wellbeing: Innovative uses of smartphone apps for the benefit of victim support services" to the Victim Support Europe Annual Conference via videoconference.

18 November 2020: IICF Joint Presentation with the OECD at Eurochild Webinar Series

Inspiring Children's Futures co-presented "What is an 'economy of well-being'? Why and how does it prioritise children?" with the OCD at the Putting Children at the Heart of Europe's Recovery Eurochild Webinar Series.

18 November 2020: Presentation to the Council of Europe Steering Group for Children's Rights

Inspiring Children's Futures presented "Innovative uses of smartphone apps for children's rights: The COVID 4P Log for Children's Wellbeing" at the CoE Steering Group for Children's Rights in Strasbourg via videoconference.

13 October 2020: Presentation to OECD National Government Members Webinar

Inspiring Children's Futures presented "Securing the Recovery, Ambition and Resilience for the Well-Being of Children in the Post-Covid-19 Decade" to the OECD National Government Members Webinar via videoconference.

10 October 2020: OBE for Leading Children's Champion

Jennifer Davidson, Execuive Director of Inspiring Children's Futures, has been appointed an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for series to children in Scotland and around the world. For more details, see here.

7 October 2020: The COVID 4p Log Smartphone App for Children's Wellbeing in Launched in 29 Countries Across 5 Continents

The Institute for Inspiring Children's Futures and our Key Partners aim to gather information through the COVID 4P Log - a real-time, free-of-cost smartphone app that gathers experiences and lived realities of people working in children's wellbeing by asking one question a day over an 8 week period.

1 July 2020: Inspiring Children's Futures Doctoral Research Centre

A new Doctoral Research Centre for Inspiring Children's Futures will soon be recuiting five globally-minded fully-funded PhD students to explore ways to best ensure children's rights and wellbeing post-COVID.


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1 July 2021: Experiences, interventions, and reflections for protecting children during a pandemic

Save the Children, Terres des hommes, #CovidUnder19, the Institute for Inspiring Children’s Futures, the COVID 4P Log App, and the End Violence Partnership invite you to a Solutions Summit Series affiliate event on innovating, adapting and increasing child participation to protect children during COVID-19. At the event, you will:

  • Hear directly from children and young people about their experiences during COVID-19.
  • Discover practitioners’ and policymakers’ successes, challenges and learning as they have been working to protect children.
  • Explore the adaptations and innovations made on the ground during the pandemic to reach children and families in need.
  • Elevate attention and contribute to discussions on effective and innovative ways to capture
    and record impact.

Register for the event here.

22 October 2020: Webinar - Justice for Children in the Pandemic: Actions to Support Policy & Practice

Inspiring Children's Futures, as part of the Global Week of Justice, hosted a webinar titled Justice for Children in the Pandemic: Actions to support policy & practice. While children in general are not a demographic that is most susceptible to the more severe forms of COVID-19 infection, health experts have alerted authorities that children in poor health are going to be hit harder by COVID-19 than others. Children in contact with justice systems, whether as victims, offenders, or parties to disputes, are likely to carry a higher burden of psychological and physical ill-health. This is particularly true for children deprived of liberty. This partnership session, on 22 October, aimed to share concrete tools and resources to support policymakers and pracittioners in responding to the specific needs and rights of children in contact with justice systems. This event was recorded - click here for the video.


12 October 2020: Centre for Sustainable Development + Inspiring Children's Futures Webinar

The University of Strathclyde has launched a new Centre for Sustainable Development, with the Institute for Inspiring Children's Futures hosting a launch webinar exploring the inherent SDG16 call to respond to children's distinct needs, and realise their full range of rights and opportunities, to achieve peaceful, just, and inclusive societies for all. This webinar hears from Professional Ann Skelton (University of Pretoria and Member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child); Dr Romina Boarini (Acting Director of the OECD WISE Centre), and Mr Manaff Kemokai (President of Defence for Children International and Director of DCI Sierra Leone) where they examine the priorities, mechanisms and next steps in fulfilling this global ambition for children, particularly in light of COVID-19, which has abruptly thrust the rights and well-being of children and families into greater risk around the world. This event has now passed - for the full video, click here.


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