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Institute for Inspiring Children’s FuturesProject: The Observatory for Children’s Human Rights in Scotland

Inspiring Children’s Futures works with partners to drive change, to fully implement children’s human rights, and is a founding partner of the Observatory for Children’s Human Rights in Scotland.

What is the Observatory?

The Observatory’s vision is that children’s human rights are fully implemented in all areas of children and young people’s lives in Scotland, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and broader international human rights treaties. This will help to ensure that children’s human dignity is respected and all children are supported to thrive and reach their full potential. 

To achieve this, we want to change locally and learn globally…

  • To strategically advance opportunities for fully realising children’s human rights in practice, policy and legislation
  • To bring together lived experiences, academic, inter-disciplinary and cross-sector contributions, to exchange and amplify ideas, evidence and expertise, in order to accelerate progress in implementing children’s human rights
  • To identify gaps in implementing children’s human rights, in terms of particular areas, practice and systems, and how to address these
  • To grapple with the contentious, problematic and complex challenges inherent to implementing children’s human rights in legislation, policy and practic

In addition to Inspiring Children’s Futures, the organisations working together to develop the Observatory’s strategy and agenda include:


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