Recent Papers by SCALES Colleagues

Professor Rodger has delivered the following papers in 2019:- Competition Law Private Enforcement: driven by EU institutions and Instruments or National Mechanisms? An analysis of Recent Developments in the UK;  12 Jun 2019, FIDE Foundation, Madrid, Spain

The Evolution of Competition Law Enforcement in the UK, 5 Jun 2019, IE University, Madrid, Spain

New Directions in Competition Law Enforcement, 4th Radboud Economic Law International Symposium, Invited keynote speaker, 24 May 2019

Dr Andriychuk presented at the EUI/FSR 8th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures (20-21 June, 2019) a paper “Fighting Fire with Fire. On the Role of Internet Service Providers in Restoring Competition in Online Platforms”; at the Centre for Competition Policy, UEA, Norwich Lunchtime Weekly Seminar Series a paper 'On the Anticompetitive Essence of the Net Neutrality Regulation' (31 May, 2019) and at the 14th ASCOLA Conference in Aix-en-Provence a paper '71/2 Myths about Net Neutrality' (27-29 June 2019). I have attended also OSCE Conference in Paris on 'Competition Law and the Digital Economy' (25 May, 2019).

Dr Wang presented at the 16th Asian Law Institute (ASLI) Conference 2019 (the National University of Singapore, 11-12 June 2019) on the topic "Enforcement Practice Reform: A Public Interest Test for China's Anti-Monopoly Law".