The Law SchoolStrathclyde Centre for Antitrust Law and Empirical Study SCALES

We seek to advance understanding and knowledge of the role of competition law enforcement in modern technological society.

Welcome to the Strathclyde Centre for Antitrust Law and Empirical Study (SCALES). We are based at the University of Strathclyde Law School in Glasgow, Scotland. We strive for globally impactful research, teaching and knowledge exchange in a wide range of interconnected areas of competition/antitrust law, policy-making and enforcement.

The Strathclyde Centre for Antitrust Law and Empirical Study brings together a range of researchers based at Strathclyde Law School and welcomes experts from other disciplines.

We aim to identify and shape emerging areas of legal research in competition/antitrust law through a combination of normative, doctrinal and empirical research projects in collaboration with our stakeholders and welcome PhD research proposals in all areas of competition law scholarship. We support PhD students not only through collaborative supervision of their independent piece of research but also by directly involving them in the Centre‚Äôs Research and knowledge exchange activities

Come and undertake a competition law themed PhD at Strathclyde Law School with one of our specialist supervisors in the field, study Competition Law as part of our LLM in International Commercial Law.