MLitt Media & CommunicationChen Di, China

Tell us a little bit about your journey to studying MLitt Media & Communication...
Memories start to blur since I graduated three years ago. Time flies! I really miss the student life in Glasgow. For this course, I signed up to the 4-weeks pre-sessional course to help me get accustomed to the UK education system. Thanks to supervisors, professors, the department of Study Skills, pre-sessional course, in-sessional course, library services, Endnote etc., I graduated with Distinction. Even though it was a simple one-year course, I realize what it means to my whole life. This journey is a symbol, gives me extra confidence, and reshapes my thinking model as well.

Tell us about the format of the programme. What were you doing week-to-week?
I would say reading materials, self-learning, writing essays and conducting research. Lectures and seminars are both important and fun for acquiring media-related knowledge. The courses Digital Communication and Society and Strategic Communication are of practical use for marketing, which teaches us how to get relevant data on social media for further data analysis.

What were the most enjoyable parts of your degree?
Definitely the days of our pre-sessional course. I learned how to study under the UK education system and how to write an essay (which I had never done before). The tutors were quite friendly and helpful and I really learned a lot! More interestingly, I really enjoyed the weekly trip in pre-sessional days and it was something to look forward to each week. We went to Loch Lomond, Calton Hill, and some other tourist spots and we really had fun and enjoyed the stunning Scottish scenery. More importantly, it helps me get on track to the formal curriculum.

What were the highlights of studying/staying in Glasgow?
I really enjoyed the stay even though it has lots of rain. University is blessed with a great spot in the city centre. It makes life easier. I could get everything I need simply by walking. Buying groceries, hanging out with friends, getting close to nature, all this cute stuff helps me balance life and study. I walked every sunny day because I know the rain makes sunlight more precious. I hope to someday visit Glasgow again.

Tell us about your new role and what your job is like...
As I said before, I hope to work in the world of marketing with the combination of media study and business. Now I’m on board. I’m working for an IVD company (in vitro diagnostic products), international marketing department. Most work I do is market research, especially in competition analysis. So I have a lot of opportunities for business travel, especially for medical exhibitions. Months ago, I went to Sao Paulo for business. There will be more international exhibitions expected for competition analysis.

How do you feel your degree helped you prepare for this role?
Sounds like it's not that relevant to my major, right? But still, going on a degree-earning journey makes me a fast leaner and more confident. I always cherish the methodology and practical skills taken away from my degree, which I also apply into my work. It’s never too old to learn, and there is still a long way to go for my career path. I believe there is lots of hidden magic behind my degree to find out.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering working in a similar role to yours?
I would suggest finding out what area you want to be engaged in before you update or upgrade your degree. There is no rush, and take your time to think first. Life can be long or short, and it depends. Hope all your wishes come true. All the best.