Meet our Humanities students

Reyah Martin, Creative Writing Student
Sometimes Creative Writing has a stigma attached – personally I’ve had a lot of people question how you can study an art, and how an art can be taught to students – but I loved that Strathclyde offered such a clear approach to how it could be done. And from the beginning I was impressed at how well the classes dispelled that stigma.
Reyah Martin, French, Journalism & Creative Writing (BA)
Poppy Morrison MIBML
I think the Masters in International Business and Modern Languages is unique in the respect that you gain a lot of life experience throughout the duration of the course, by spending a year living and studying abroad in a foreign language. I would say this is one of the most valuable things I have gained from my 5 years at Strathclyde.
Poppy Morrison, International Business with a Modern Language
World Map
My lecturers and peers have always been open to assisting me in whichever way possible, and their kindness and warmth make the experience much easier for me as an international student.
Navya Dinah Saji, India