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Strathclyde Law School has established a reputation of more than 50 years for quality teaching and research. We offer flexible learning including options for part-time study, accelerated study and distance learning. 

The Law School is consistently ranked as one of the UK's leading Law Schools and demonstrates the highest standards in both the quality of its teaching and research. Many of our courses give you the chance to gain relevant work experience such a field dissertations, real-life legal cases and work place environments.


Law Clinic

We are home to the first and biggest law clinic in Scotland. Over 250 of our students are now involved in the Law Clinic which aims to provide free legal advice to people who can't afford to access this help from anywhere else. Entry to the Law Clinic is competitive, but if successful you’ll be responsible for your own real-life legal case. Under a mentor, you’ll offer your client legal advice, negotiate on their behalf and even represent them in court.

Our courses