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Appointment of spouse/partners or near relatives

Conflict of interests

The University of Strathclyde does not preclude the appointment of spouses/partners or near relatives of present members of staff to posts within the University. All appointments are made on the basis of selecting the best candidate available for the post in question.

However, staff involved in the consideration of applications must be aware of any near relationships which could lead, for example, to managerial problems in such matters as supervision and working relationships with other colleagues.

In addition, staff are required to adhere to the procedures outlined below which are designed to ensure that no favour is given to relatives of existing members of staff.

These are:

  • All appointments will be made in accordance with approved University procedures
  • All posts involving applications from near relatives will be advertised in accordance with the University's normal recruitment practices
  • No member of staff who is a near relative of an applicant shall be involved in any aspect of the recruitment procedure including:
    • the selection of candidates for shortlisting
    • the giving of references to other candidates or the candidate in question
    • making arrangements for interview
    • the interviewing panel
    • contacting the applicants for any reason
    • decisions as to which candidate will be appointed.

If a member of staff intends to name a spouse/partner or near relative as a prospective member of staff in a research grant application, the Deputy Director of Human Resources must be informed in writing at the earliest stage since the appointment would not be subject to the normal recruitment procedures.

This policy applies to all posts within the University of Strathclyde, regardless of the duration of the contract, hours of work or salary. Where an appointment will not be subject to the normal recruitment procedures, no spouse/partner or near relative may be employed without the prior knowledge and approval of the Head of Department.