Procedure For Buying Off Framework

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How do I buy something if no Framework Agreement is in place?

The University procurement policy states that all procurement activities must be carried out in accordance with the Universities procedures and guidelines.

Should you have a requirement for goods or services which are not covered by a Framework Agreement then the following guidelines should be used to determine whether a purchase should be handled under the quotation or tender procedure, based on the proposed level of expenditure involved.

This total value must include:

- the actual value

- the proposed time period 

- any additonal costs for maintenance, leasing, finance, and rental

THe follwoing table provides details on the procurement thresholds and the process which must be followed.


Goods & Services Procurement Value


Less than £3,000

No quotes required. 

£3,001 to £24,999

Minimum of 3 recorded quotations.

£25,000 to £50,000

Quotation in consultation with UPS via Public Contracts Scotland

Over £50,000

UPS carry out tender (note any tenders above £164,176 will be subject to the EU regulations)

Works - (Estates) Procurement Value  


Not exceeding £99,999

Minimum of 3 written quotations

Above £100,000

Tender in consultation with UPS (Above £4.1mn EU regulations apply)

For more details on new thresholds please click on this link New Thresholds .

Such activity must also comply with and/or satisfy the following:

- Value for money

- Genuine and fair competition

- Protection of the University's own terms and conditions

- An ethical code of practice

- Compliance with all UK and EU regulations in parallel with the Universitys Financial Regulations.