Young Strathclyder

Young Strathclyder is a programme of long-term sustained contact and support for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds throughout their compulsory schooling and is designed to raise awareness of higher education, support attainment, and offer learning opportunities.

Supported by Strathclyde student mentors, many of whom are from widening access backgrounds themselves, pupils participate in a range of engaging and interactive educational activities, helping them to build a sense of belonging and confidence within a Higher Education setting and to maintain a focus on their post-school goals through advice and guidance on subject choices and career opportunities.

Pupils receive credit for completing activities as they progress through the different levels of the Young Strathclyder programme and will have the opportunity to engage in tasks on sustainability, entrepreneurship and health & wellbeing, as well as finding out about the different courses and careers that relate to each of Strathclyde’s faculties.

You can learn more about the programme in the following video:

There are three main stages of the programme:

Young Strathclyder: Primary

Working with P5 to P7 and taking place in-school and on-campus, the Young Strathclyder Primary programme involves pupils completing interactive activities based on each of Strathclyde’s four faculties. After completing the programme, P7 pupils and their parents/guardians are invited to a Graduation ceremony at the Barony Hall on the Strathclyde campus.

A pilot of the P6 & P7 elements of the programme, involving 850 pupils from 10 primary schools in the Glasgow City Council area, ran in 2022/23.

For 2023/24, the P6 & P7 programme has been expanded to work with 15 Glasgow schools and a pilot of the P5 programme is running in two schools.

Young Strathclyder: Secondary 

A pilot of the Young Strathclyder Secondary programme is running in 2023/24 with 240 S2 pupils from 8 Glasgow City Council high schools.

The programme is designed to support pupils in making their subject option choices by allowing them to find out more about how school subjects relate to University courses and future careers.

Pupils attend the Strathclyde campus for a day, taking part in activities that offer them an in-depth look at University with a greater focus on particular subject areas in which they may be interested.    

Young Strathclyder: Accelerate

Accelerate is a week-long programme for pupils who will move into S5 or S6 just before summer to find out more about specific University subject areas that they might be interested in going on to study. There will be nine Accelerate subject areas in 2024, representing all of Strathclyde’s four faculties.

Find out more about Accelerate.

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