FAQs - Job-seeking

  • Graduate jobs

Most of the graduate programmes open in the autumn with some closing well before Christmas.   You therefore need to be ready to apply as soon as you begin your final year of study.  Make sure you login to MyCareerHub Strathclyde regularly.   Also register and come along to the Scottish Graduate Fair, the best opportunity to meet with potential employers and find out about graduate schemes.

However, there are graduate opportunities advertised throughout the year, particularly for SME's and for those companies who recruit all year round.

  • Internships

Internships programmes will be advertised throughout the academic year with some becoming available in the autumn, while others are not advertised until much closer to the summer vacation.   Make sure you login to MyCareerHub Strathclyde regularly.

Use the employer search facility on MyCareerHub Strathclyde to identify potential employers.

Use our Looking for a job section 

Yes. The latest graduate labour market figures suggest that between 50 and 70% of graduate jobs do not require a 2:1.

UCAS points are not required by all graduate employers.   Come along to our employer presentations, and go along to the Scottish Graduate Fair where you can chat to employers.

You may also have further education qualifications which are not covered by UCAS points, such as HNC or HND.   In this case, contact the HR department of the company you are interested to find out how you should complete their online form.

The UCAS website no longer offers a tariff table for pre-2017 qualifications.  If you do not know what your UCAS tariff is, contact the HR department of the employer you are applying to, or ask at the Careers Service for help.

Please note,  do not use the new 2017 calculator which is only intended for 2017 university entry.

Some employers are dropping their UCAS points selection criteria.   However, if you are applying to an employer who has asked for your UCAS points, contact the employer's HR department to find out their requirements for non-UK applicants.   

We can look up a qualification comparison on the NARIC database for you.   Please ask at Careers Service reception.   However this will NOT provide you with UCAS points.

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