Entrepreneurship on your CV

Including Freelancing/Entrepreneurship on your CV

Freelance work and Entrepreneurial activities are really valued by employers for the skillset, drive and independence that they demonstrate, so it’s important to include them on your CV.

Depending on the style and structure of your CV there are a number of ways you could choose to include it. Whatever structure you choose, if you have an active company website or portfolio of work then include a link to this.

If you have a chronological CV and have run an enterprise or been self-employed in between other work experience, then it may suit your CV to include it in your Experience Section. You would lay it out with the same format as your other jobs but include either ‘Self-Employed’, ‘Entrepreneur’ or ‘Business Owner’ instead of the Job Title.

Top Tip: Do not call yourself the CEO unless you were actually reporting to a board of directors.

It is really valuable to include numbers supporting the success and achievements of your business. Examples of this could be the number of clients, the growth of the business over time, or the turnover.

If you have been working as a freelancer or contractor, completing similar skilled work for various organisations then you may find that a Freelance Work section would fit your CV best.

Summarise the type of freelance work and the core skills in a short paragraph or a few bullet points at the top of the section.

Then list the organisations you have done work for, including the Organisation Name and the Dates of the project. If appropriate you can include a brief summary of the outcome of the project.

If you have done projects, that share a skillset, for a mixture of different reasons (course projects, freelance work, passion projects, hobbies, clubs and societies, part time work) then a Projects Section might be a good fit for your CV.

Give each project a name as a heading, it’s important that it’s descriptive of the project, and include dates. Then give a brief description of the aims and context of the project. Under this include bullet points that cover the skills and knowledge that it demonstrates you used or developed.

Lastly make sure you include an outcome from your project.

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