Careers ServiceChoosing a career

At some stage, we all make choices about the career path we'll follow. It's never too early to start thinking about your future career. We're happy to work with you from your first year, throughout your degree, and beyond graduation - at whatever stage you’ve reached in your thinking.

90% of respondents in a recent survey said their Careers interview helped a lot.

We can help you with this process if:

  • you're unsure where to start
  • you have no idea of the career that would suit you
  • you have some vague ideas but need support to think them through
  • you need help finding more information


Choosing My Career

A great place to start is with our interactive online course Choosing My Career. It will help you make it a conscious and thoughtful decision, giving you the best chance of choosing a career path that suits your personality, skills and strengths.

This course helps you to:

  • understand the process of making a career decision
  • think about what you want from a career
  • explore the options available to you
  • plan your next steps to make it happen

I want to work in ...

Use our I want to work in ... resources to find out about a wide range of jobs, careers and sectors.

Options with my degree

Use Prospects: What can I do with my degree? to explore careers options.

Prepare 2 Get Ahead

Prepare2GetAhead is a career planning tool created specifically for Chinese students. Available in English and Chinese, this e-learning resource gives an introduction to career planning and provides a step-by-step approach to enable you to develop and create your own career plan. The resource aims to help you to make the most of your time at university and to explore options that interest you, as well as gain relevant skills and experiences.

Understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Research the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans and progress of the UK’s largest organisations and graduate employers. Use Windo to browse profiles and compare data of potential employers.