Advertise Work Experience Opportunities

The Careers Service handles a wide variety of work opportunities for students.  We have an Employer Engagement Team who are often the first point of contact for employers.  We recognise the benefits of good work experience and aim to help employers to advertise appropriate opportunities to our students.

We advertise:

  • summer internships
  • general summer vacation jobs in the UK or abroad
  • sandwich/industrial placements
  • voluntary opportunities
  • gap year jobs

Summer Internships

The vacation period is between the end of May and September.

Many students would welcome a summer internship related to their degree subject. Strathclyde has four faculties:

  • Business
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Science

Exams are over by the end of May and the academic year resumes during in September.

Sandwich / Industrial Placements

  • We are aware that many employers now offer one year Sandwich/Industrial placement programmes for students.
  • Please note that Strathclyde has only two undergraduate courses (Chemistry and Software Engineering) where students are required to undertake a one year placement as part of their degree course. These courses have academic staff who organise student placements.
  • Students wishing to take a year out from their course to undertake an industrial placement can apply to their academic department to do so. The decision as to whether the student is given permission lies with the academic department and not with the Careers Service.
  • Sandwich/Industrial Placements normally take place anytime between summer and the September of the following year when the student is expected to return to their studies when the placement ends.
  • If your vacancy extends beyond the September (when the new academic session starts) then you may wish to consider advertising the vacancy as a fixed term post for a recent graduate.

Summer Vacation Work

  • Summer vacancies can be full-time or part-time.
  • We welcome summer vacancies from employers all over the UK and beyond. Many students are keen to explore new locations during the summer.
  • If your vacancy is from outside the central Scotland area, it is helpful to give information in your job advert about whether you can assist in finding accommodation.
  • If your vacancy is outside the UK, it is essential to give a statement of wages for the student in addition to clarifying the cost of the following details: accommodation, travel insurance, health insurance, travel to the country, local travel costs, visa costs (if required). If you provide assistance with any of the above please state this on your advert.

Gap Year 

  • Some students may take a year out of their studies for academic or personal reasons and may therefore be available to work during the year on either a full-time or part-time basis.
  • A student on a year out from University would be required to start classes again in the following September.

Voluntary Opportunities

  • Voluntary work can be a great way to develop new skills as well as a chance to give something back to the community.
  • It may also be the only way for some students to get relevant work experience.
  • We welcome vacancies from voluntary organisations, but will only advertise them on behalf of registered charities.