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This list of links and resources has been carefully compiled by our Careers Consultants and Careers Information Team to provide you with the key knowledge you need if you are considering a career in this line of work.   All the links are reviewed regularly to ensure the source is reliable and the information is accurate and relevant.

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Sector overview

Overview of the healthcare sector (Prospects)

Typical job profiles

Clinical psychologist 

Counselling psychologist

Educational psychologist

Forensic psychologist

Health psychologist

Occupational psychologist 

Sport and exercise psychologist


NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland Careers Psychology

NHS Scotland Careers Clinical Psychologist


NHS Health Careers Psychological Professions

NHS Health Careers Roles in the psychological professions

Useful online resources

British Psychological Society Become a psychologist

British Psychological Society Careers in sport and exercise psychology 

University of Edinburgh Psychology

ClinPsy.org.uk Forum for aspiring clinical psychologists

PsychNet UK Mental health and psychology portal

Scottish Prison Service Psychology Careers

HM Prison Service (England & Wales) Forensic psychologist

British Psychological Society Forensic Psychology 

British Psychological Society Division of Forensic Psychology 

British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology

British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology

British Psychological Society Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology

British Psychological Society Division of Neuropsychology

British Psychological Society Division of Educational and Child Psychology

British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology


Find a course

Clearing House for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology (where to apply for clinical psychology roles)

British Psychological Society Accredited psychology postgraduate training courses  

Prospects Psychology conversion courses

NHS Course finder

Prospects Search postgraduate courses


Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (Scotland)

NHS Education for Scotland Applied Psychology professional training programmes

MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care course run jointly between University of Dundee and University of Stirling

University of Edinburgh MSc in Applied Psychology (Healthcare) for children and young people


Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (England and Wales)

NHS England Adult Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme

NHS Health Careers High intensity therapist (England and Wales)

NHS Health Careers Differences between psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy



NHS Scotland Volunteering with the NHS

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Volunteering 

NHS Lanarkshire Volunteering

Glasgow Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Scotland


Work Experience

NHS Scotland National recruitment portal

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Get Involved  

Goodmoves - paid full-time and part-time work with charities


Professional bodies

British Psychological Society


To find out more about what it's like to work in this career, use the LinkedIn alumni tool to make contact with Strathclyde alumni working in this area.