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CVs should always be targeted to the position you're applying for. The way you present your PhD will depend on the type of work you're applying for.

Academic roles

Although an academic CV follows the same principles and aims of any other CV there are some important differences in content and format. Since academic CVs are used mainly for lecturing, teaching and research posts within higher education, you'll usually need to include the following information:

  • a description or synopsis of your PhD
  • your supervisor's name(s)
  • details of any funding you have attracted (whether for your Masters/PhD, attendance at conferences, further research etc.)
  • research methods/techniques/software used and/or practical experience or fieldwork carried out
  • conferences attended (particularly any paper or poster presentations you have given)
  • details of any publications, including joint publications
  • memberships of any professional organisations and/or subscriptions to related journals
  • any teaching experience - whether tutoring, lecturing, supervising, leading practical demonstrations. Also include any mentoring or student support roles
  • administrative experience, for example departmental or related to networks or societies you are involved in
  • impact, knowledge transfer/exchange and/or public engagement activities or outputs


Although CVs should normally be no longer than two sides of A4 in length, academic CVs can be longer, with most early career academics having approximately four pages.

Useful online resources

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