How am I assessed

Assessment Centres are designed to be impartial and assess each candidate's ability to do the job.  Candidates are not in competition with each other but are scored individually.

The exercises are designed specifically to highlight particular competencies. Below is an example of the guidance notes given to assessors for an exercise which includes positive and negative indicators that they have to look for. In this case they are judging the candidates on the following competencies:

  • Communication
  • Team-working
  • Leadership
  • Analytical Ability
  • Problem Solving


Positive Indicator 

Negative Indicator 


Fluent in speech
Uses appropriate language                  

Unclear, uses jargon
Long winded, rambling sentences


Shares information and ideas
Involves others

Shows little interest in the views of others
Creates conflict in the team


Motivates and encourages others
Is decisive, has 'can-do' approach

De-motivating remarks
Relies on others for suggestions

Analytical Ability 

Identifies the key issues

 Does not take account of the objectives

Problem Solving

Thinks creatively
Draws appropriate conclusions
from the meeting

Considers a narrow range of information
No evidence of innovation

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