Psychometric tests

Employers may use psychometric tests to assess candidates' competence in the skills and qualities that are needed in the job. Sometimes employers use tests at the earlier stages of the process to decide who they are going to interview and sometimes tests are administered at the final stages as part of an assessment centre.It is not unusual for companies to re-test applicants at the final stage, using the same test taken previously, to ensure consistency of result.

Psychometric assessment

What is psychometric assessment?

What now?

There are a number of things you can do to be better prepared

Online practice tests

There are now a range of free online tests which you can use to practice

Further information and helpful websites

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Brush up your numerical skills

If numeracy tests scare you, try these resources to help improve your numerical skills

Game-based assessments

Some employers are now introducing computer game type tests into their psychometric testing



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