CVs and Cover Letters


Your CV is an essential part of most job applications. Even when the main method of application is an online form there is often a requirement to attach a copy of your CV.

As they are often the first impression an employer has of you, CVs need to be of a professional standard. Carefully customising your CV to suit the needs of the organisations that you are applying to is far more likely to be successful than firing off a 'standard' CV.

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Applying for a PhD? This Prospects resource about PhDs includes a link to an example of an academic CV


Cover Letters

If you are not completing an application form you should always include a Cover Letter with your CV. The purpose of the letter is to demonstrate your motivation for applying, to introduce your CV and to relate it directly to the specific opportunity you are applying to. You should use it as an opportunity to persuade the employer that you are a suitable candidate for the job.

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Applying for a Masters? You will need a personal statement instead. Learn more about writing a personal statement for postgraduate study and view example personal statements

Applying for a PhD? Learn more about writing a PhD cover letter 


Have your CV, application or cover letter checked

Once you have reviewed the relevant resources, including our CV and Cover Letter booklet, and used CV360 to check your CV, you can book an appointment to have an application checked by our CV Advisers.

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International CVs

Internationally, what is expected in a CV or Resume tends to vary.  Make sure you know what the differences are.

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Social media can be a useful tool in your job search.