Digital Education Developing online courses & modules

Strathclyde is committed to providing high quality online teaching, learning and assessment. Using established learning design models teamed up with robust project management approaches, we support our staff to create the very best learning experiences for students studying online. Always with our students and learners in mind, we aim for the highest standards of quality that reflect University of Strathclyde’s reputation.

BOLD - Blended & Online Learning Design

To develop blended and online courses, University of Strathclyde uses a course design approach informed by established theory, and years of practical experience. BOLD (Blended and Online Learning Design) offers a flexible design process for staff developing an entirely new module to a light-touch course re-design. The BOLD approach ensures our courses are well designed and keep students at the very heart of digital education planning and design.

Course development processes

Developing online courses is a significant undertaking which requires planning, resourcing, and management. Using established project management methodologies, online developments follow a three-stage model of planning, content development and online class site build. The model helps both new and experienced teaching staff take a planned approach where resources are well managed, and quality assurance and University standards are maintained.