Student Experience We are Strathclyde September Entrants: course help

What is 'We are Strathclyde'?

‘We are Strathclyde’ is a four-week online course. It's designed to ease students into university life. Participation is optional but strongly recommended.

On the course, you will:

  • engage with other students new to Strathclyde in discussion forum activities
  • take part in a specially-arranged live Zoom practice lecture; this will help you start to feel like a University of Strathclyde student
  • learn about how to access the student support services that can help you maximise your success at Strathclyde
  • become familiar with the Library and how to find books and online publications you need

How does it work?

This non-credit-bearing online course runs from 14th August to 8th September 2023. To get the most out of this course, we expect you to engage with the course for two to three hours during the week.

The course will run on Myplace. It's designed to fit around the lives of learners. The course emphasises learning as a social activity. Knowledge is shared and developed between students.

New students will feel knowledgeable, supported, and more confident about university life.

Further information

The course is for new Undergraduate students who are due to start their studies in September 2023.

No. This course will assist students to make the transition to University life. Students will feel knowledgeable, supported, and more confident about embarking upon university life.

The course will last for four weeks, from 14th August to 8th September 2023.

Two to three hours per week is enough to engage with the course and its material in a meaningful way.

The course opens at 9am UK time on 14th August 2023. Students can enrol after this date and catch up. Students will continue to have access to the course materials throughout their time at Strathclyde.

8th September 2023. Just in time for Freshers' week.

You will miss out on certain live activities, such as the Zoom live sessions. You will be able to watch a recorded version after they've taken place.

All new undergraduate students will be enrolled automatically onto We are Strathclyde, which runs on Myplace.

The course can be accessed on MyPlace - We are Strathclyde.

Please contact the IT helpdesk in the first instance.

In order to access the course, you will need to log in to Myplace using your student email address and the DS password you were issued with. Please check the email that Student Business emailed to the personal email address you used when you registered. 

You should receive your unique DS (Directory Services) username and password before your first semester arrival at Strathclyde. These are the login details to your personal IT account with the University and will enable you to access most of the IT systems that you will use while you are here.

If you haven't received your account details, you can request them by going to the Enquiry desk on Level 3 (the entrance floor) of the Library and presenting your student card, or by using the online DS Password Reset service.

Please refer to the DS Password Reset page for instructions.

Myplace is the University’s website for supporting taught classes. This course “We are Strathclyde” is run entirely online in Myplace.