Making changes or adding to department accommodation

If a department needs to make changes to the accommodation allocated to it by the University, the requirement must first be described in a Statement of Need Application (found on the Estates tab on Pegasus). Applications to add to or change departmental space must be approved by your Head of Department who must in turn obtain Senior Budget Holders approval.

If you need to request additional accommodation or refurbish existing rooms, please read the Space Management Policy Document and the Statement of Need Guidance document before the completing the Statement of Need Application on the Estates tab on Pegasus.

If your requirement is to alter or add to your space as a result of an application for External Funding e.g. a Research Grant, please complete the Estates Requirements form

After an initial revew of the contents Estates Management will forward completed Estates Requirements forms to Research and Knowledge Exchange Services.

Service Requests and Maintenance Requests

If your requirement is for fabric or servicing changes that are limited and/or minor in nature or value, please process these through a Service Request to the Estates Helpdesk.

If your requirement is for the repair of physical defect or damage, please process these through a Maintenance Request to the Estates Helpdesk.

Changing the function or occupancy of your accommodation

The University is subject to ever-increasing scrutiny from Political, Funding and Regulatory bodies. All of these require us to maintain accurate records of accommodation and to understand required changes to accommodation occupancy and use in order to demonstrate sustainable management in accordance with the University Strategic Plan.

Please notifiy all changes to the University record of the occupancy and function of rooms allocated to your department through the Departmental Occupancy Survey: