Exam Locations

Know where you are going prior to the day of your exam.  If you are unsure of the location, it’s a good idea to find out how to get there well in advance of your exam.  Large exams may be split over several rooms, make sure you check your timetable as this will show the location that you should attend.  If you are unsure, or your timetable shows 'Department', please contact your Department for clarification.

Exams take place in various locations across the campus. Listed below are the locations currently in use. To view a map, click on the building name:

Assembly Hall
Royal College building enter via access on Montrose Street (James Weir building).  Access to the Assembly Hall is signposted.

Barony Main Hall 
Enter via the main access off High Street/Rottenrow (adjacent to the Student Village).

Bicentenary Hall Barony 
Enter via the main access and follow directions to Bicentenary Hall.

Large Sports Hall (University Centre 317a & 317b)
The Large Sports Hall is situated in the original Centre for Sports and Recreation (NOT StrathSport), directly across from the Student’s Union.  The overall building is known as the University Centre, but the exam is being held in the Large Sports Hall (which is in the system as 317a & 317b).  In the Centre for Sports and Recreation proceed up the stairs to the Large Sports Hall.

University Centre (UC201)
Room UC201 is situated in the University Centre directly across from the Student’s Union.  Use the entrance to the left of the Centre for Sports and Recreation.

Royal College Building
RC426, RC440, RC501, RC503, RC513, RC540, RC546 and RC557:Note - Odd room numbers are on one side of the building and even room numbers are on the other.

Graham Hills Building
GH542, GH544 & GH552: Enter via Richmond Street entrance.

GH701, GH702, GH703 & GH713: Enter via Richmond Street entrance and take lift/stairs up to level 7.  GH701, GH702 and GH703 are immediately through the double doors.  For GH713 go through the double doors and follow the signage to the left.  

John Anderson Building
JA502, JA504, JA505, JA506 & JA507: Enter via Level 5 entrance from Rottenrow East

Strathclyde Business School (Cathedral Wing)
CW404a&b, CW406a&b, CW506a&b, CW507a&b and CW602: Enter from Cathedral Street.

Insight Institute
Collins Building (CL102): Enter from Richmond Street