FMS - Expenses


The new process for claiming expenses can be found here:



Who approves expenses on FMS?

The Subproject Manager of the subproject where the expense line is being charged approves.

What is a Proxy?

A Proxy is an individual who is given access to initially input the expense claim details together with receipts onto FMS on behalf of one or more members of staff. The expense claim then routes to the claimant for review and then to the Subproject Manager for approval.

Can I amend an Expense claim once it’s in workflow?

No, expense claims can’t be changed once in workflow. You should perform a Workflow Enquiry to check where the claim is in workflow then contact the appropriate individual who has the task and ask them to reject the expense claim back to you. You can then open the rejected claim via your task list and amend as required and re-submit.

How do I view my historical Expense claims?

You can use the Workflow Enquiry screen for expense claims ensuring that you tick the historical box.

How do I view my department's Expense claims?

Prior permission from your Head of Department is required in order to obtain access to ‘Expenses enquiry – All’ within the Standard Dept Reports folder.  This enables you to enquire on all expense claims within your Cost Centre.  

Can I print out the Expense claim?

Yes, within the Expenses screen there is a Print Preview option which is available once the status of the expense claim has been changed to Ready and Saved. This opens a printable window to view and print.

How do I submit an expense when I’ve received an advance via FMS?

If you wish to reconcile an advance against an expense claim you will be prompted with a pop up box in the Expense entry screen. You can then select the relevant advance to be matched against your expense claim.

What is the difference between mileage and petrol costs?

Mileage is specific to journeys using your own car. Petrol costs relate to car hire only.

I can’t find my Expense claim in the Workflow Enquiry?

Check if you have ticked both Active and Historical boxes in the workflow enquiry. If you still can’t find your expense claim then check if you have saved it in Draft (see Expenses Quick Guides – Retrieving Draft Expenses).

How do I delete an Expense claim?

See Expenses Quick Guides – Amending, Resubmitting and Closing Expenses

How do I resubmit a rejected Expense claim?

See Expenses Quick Guides – Amending, Resubmitting and Closing Expenses


Training Material on Expenses can be found at