The University of Strathclyde recognises and values the contribution of its staff and is committed, wherever possible, to maintaining continuity of employment.  The University will therefore make all reasonable efforts to seek redeployment opportunities for eligible members of staff at risk of redundancy, on notice of redundancy, or those who require to move role for other reasons, so enabling them to continue in the employment of the University.

The policy is designed to ensure a consistent and fair approach is adopted in working towards a successful redeployment outcome. The redeployment policy applies to all staff with more than 12 months continuous service, in all staff categories, on both open-ended and fixed term contracts.

The following documents provide information regarding the Redeployment process and the support that you will receive throughout the time you are on the Register:

In order to be placed on the Redeployment Register you are required to complete the Redeployment Skills Profile Form to provide details of your skills and experience. The University will actively consider your application for any vacancies for which you apply which could be considered a suitable alternative to your substantive post.

Vacancies, which meet the redeployment criteria, within the University will be advertised initially for a period of one week to those on the redeployment register. This will take place prior to advertising the vacancy to the wider University population or externally. In order to maximise the Redeployment opportunities available to you, it is advisable to check the University Job vacancy pages on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to do this, including during periods when you are on holiday or away from the University. Details of vacancies currently being advertised can be accessed on the University website.

On a weekly basis details of all job vacancies will be sent out to all those listed on the Redeployment Register. This information will be sent to your internal email address.

Should you have any queries regarding redeployment please contact HR Redeployment Support on 0141 548 4476 or email