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Hardware requirements & University software

Free software

The University has arranged access to Microsoft Office software free of charge for all students. You do not need to pay for a separate subscription to Microsoft Office.

We have also arranged free access to lots of other software that you may need during your studies.

Microsoft Office 365

Office365 ProPlus is a suite of Microsoft Office applications which can be downloaded completely free of charge, during the time that you are a student or member of staff with us. It is a full version of Office and has the same features and functionality as other versions. You can install it on up to 5 Windows computers or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones.

Other software

Other discipline-specific software is available to download onto your device. Most are free to download.

We have listed some of our most popular software here, but you can find a full list on our software page.

Please check our software pages first before buying any software.

Software name



Structural equation modelling


Finite element modelling


GIS mapping and analysis

 Autocad / AuoDesk

CAD design


Chemical structure drawing


Linux Office Apps


Bibliographic referencing software


Electronic structure modelling


Signal acquisition software

 LastPass / Password Safe

Password manager


Algebraic and numerical mathematics


Applied mathematics


Algorithm development (computing)


Mind mapping


Statistics/data analysis


Qualitative data analysis

Origin Pro

Data analysis / graphing workspace


Online survey tool


Statistics/data analysis


Online plagiarism tool

Hardware specification

Please see the table below for information regarding the hardware and software specification that we are advising for new and continuing students to enable you to access our systems and services.

Please note that these are guidelines and should be suitable to get you through your degree, if you look after the equipment. If you have a device with a slightly lower specification, it’s possible that it will be sufficient for a couple of years.

We would also advise that you get in touch with your course department representatives regarding suitable hardware that will support your course material. Where possible, if you can find out in advance what course software you will be using, this will help determine the hardware required. Some applications do not install on certain hardware. For example, some software packages are not available for Mac.

 Software specification




Mac Option


Intel Core i3 or

AMD Ryzen 3

Intel Core i5 or

AMD Ryzen 5

Intel Core i7 / i9 or

AMD Ryzen 7


Operating system

Windows 10/11 64 bit

Windows 10/11 64 bit

Windows 10/11 64 bit




8GB or 16GB



Storage (SSD)





Screen resolution

1366 x 768

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

2560 x 1600


Integrated HD 720p

Integrated HD 720p

Integrated HD 1080p

Integrated HD 720p


Business / HaSS

Business / Engineering / HaSS / Science

Engineering / Science

Business / HaSS / Science

*It’s very difficult to narrow down processors definitively, as there are so many different options. The examples above for Intel and AMD processors are from the most popular processor families that have been available over the past few years and available in devices at the main online and high street retailers.

This table was last updated in August 2023.

Please contact Information Services if you need any further advice.