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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an application that enables and enhances teamwork via the close integration of collaboration, communication and the full range of Microsoft 365 products.

For information on Teams features and how to use them, please use the links below.

More about Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is software that enables you and your team to work together remotely. It gives you a collaboration platform to work within. With Teams you can:

  • host meetings with your colleagues and classmates
  • use chat to message each other
  • collaborate on documents in real-time together
  • store your shared files
  • use tools like Microsoft Planner to help everyone keep on track of team tasks

Teams was rolled out at Strathclyde in October 2020. Here are some of the case studies showing how Strathclyde people have been using it so far:

You can find other case studies on the Cloud Transformation SharePoint. These include how Strathclyde is adopting some of the more advanced tools in the Microsoft 365 toolkit, such as Power Automate.

For help on how to get started with Teams, visit our Teams Training and support pages. Or our FAQs, including how to get the Teams App.

Find out how we're exploring new ways of working with each other using the new Microsoft 365 apps. Do this by signing up for the Cloud Transformation Team site. You'll be able to see our Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Get early access to join up for orientation and training events, like our Teams Orientation Webinar. You can also take part in surveys and vote for what apps and functions you would like to see rolled out next.

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