Information ServicesAssistive Technologies room

The Assistive Technologies (AT) room is equipped with specialised hardware and software for use by students with disabilities. It's on Level 2 of the Library. It has power-assisted doors which you can open with the push button.

Facilities in the AT room

The AT room has:

  • height-adjustable desks
  • daylight lamps
  • document holders
  • 1x computer with Braille embosser
  • software:
    • Jaws: screenreader which enables visually impaired and blind users to access and produce information from software applications, internet and email using keyboard shortcuts
    • ZoomText: magnification tool with screen reading option which allows visually impaired students full access to Windows applications
    • Kurzweil 1000: reading system with no visual interface, designed for users who are visually impaired or blind
    • Read & Write GOLD: text-to-speech tool which gives the computer a voice. This can assist with reading text on your computer as well as to assist with proofreading your own work
    • MindGenius: an organisation tool that can be used to easily create mind maps (spider diagrams) for essay planning and preparation. MindGenius can also help with many other study tasks including exam revision, to-do lists, notetaking and group work. This software is also available as a free download.
  • CCTVs:
    • Andromeda CCTV: standard CCTV offering magnification, colour modes and x-y table
    • EyePal Solo LV: captures page image and reads aloud whilst also displaying highlighted tracked texts on screen
    • Split-screen CCTV: works directly with the computer and can show just the computer screen, just the CCTV screen, or a split screen showing both computer and CCTV
    • MyReader: CCTV which captures page image and presents as single column view, so that there's no need to scroll from side to side


The University provides training for:

  • MindGenius
  • Read & Write GOLD
  • use of the AT room (one-to-one sessions for students, and group sessions for staff)

You can download user manuals and view how-to videos for general software, and some assistive software, from the Development & Training Gateway (SharePoint login required).

One-to-one training on specialised technology is available on request from the Assistive Technology Advisers in the Disability Service.

More help

If you have any difficulties or queries whilst in the AT room, lift the telephone receiver located on the left side of the room.

The receiver automatically dials the Enquiry desk. If required, we can redirect your call to the Assistive Technology Advisers in the Disability Service.