Protect Your Device

The University uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for access to services such as email off-campus. This page contains more information on the service, and the steps that you should take before setting up MFA.

Are you a student? Visit the MFA student pages. 

MFA is live for all DS accounbts by default and so you will most likely be prompted to sign up for MFA right away when accessing your account for the first time. If however, you arer not prompted or appear not to be on MFA, your account will be MFA enabled shortly and so you should register. 

Please visit the setup pages where you can find out how to register for MFA.


What is MFA?

How do I register for MFA?


FAQ List

When will MFA be rolled out for me?

How often will I need to authenticate?

Which services will I need to authenticate for?

Which phones support the outlook app?

What if I don't have a smartphone?

What if I am experiencing problems with my authenticator app?

What if I don’t have a signal or wi-fi connection on my phone?

What if I want to change my method of MFA?

What if I have lost my phone and need access?

I can see strange logins to my account - what should I do?

What if my email stops working on my phone?

What if my contacts are no longer syncing on my phone?

What if email stops working on my PC?

What accounts are being enabled for MFA?

Skype is continually asking me for my credentials. What should I do?

I have just enabled MFA and am having trouble accessing services. What should I do?

What if I can't use MFA?

Why are my Zoom and Outlook calendars out of sync?