What if I don’t have a signal or wi-fi connection on my phone?

Even in the absence of wifi and signal, you can still use the Microsoft Authenticator app to codes generate a "one-time passcode" which will grant you access to the service you are accessing.

Please view the screenshots below to see how generating a one-time passcode works:


When you receive the MFA prompt click “Sign in another way” as shown below.

An image of the microsofr authentictor app where the user can chose the option of

Select “use a verification code from my mobile app” as shown below.

A screenshot of the MS authenticator app where there is an option to

A box will appear to type in a number code as shown below.

A screenshot of an outlook sign-in page where a code from previous screenshot can be typed in.

On your phone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app as shown below.

A screenshot of the MS authenticator app where you can see the passcode has been generated.

On the device you are trying to access on, type the passcode into the login box (before the code expires, you can see how long you have on the count down timer) and click Verify.


If you have a mobile signal, but no internet, you can authenticate via SMS instead of using a push-notification. That is why entering your mobile number as a method of authentication in addition to the Authenticator App is important. 


Please see our MFA Additional Guide for further help

For help with MFA, please contact IS Enquiries at help@strath.ac.uk 

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