Thesis submission

The format and submission of theses is governed by the Policy and Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Study. Before submitting a thesis, candidates should ensure that they have complied with these regulations.

Thesis Submission for Examination

You are required to upload a PDF version of your thesis for examination via the online PGR Management System on SharePoint.

You can't upload the electronic version of their thesis for examination until the Vice Dean has approved your Examination Committee Nomination on SharePoint.

Once approved, you will receive an email from Student Business confirming the approval of your Committee. This email will include a link to and instruction on how to upload your electronic thesis.

You are only required to submit physical, soft-bound copies of your thesis if this has been requested by a member of your Examination Committee. If this is the case, Student Business will contact the you with this request by email. You should bring a copy of the aforementioned email with your submission.

Physical, soft-bound copies of your thesis submitted without a request will not be accepted at the counter. Therefore, please only submit physical copies of your thesis if you have been asked to do so by Student Business.

A Digital Licence Agreement and Moratorium Request form are not required with your thesis for examination.

If you experience any problems with this process please contact Student Business:

Important information: Tier 4 Students and the Doctorate Extension Scheme

If you intend to apply for a Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES) visa please visit and read the information carefully. The timeframe for the DES application is very short so it is imperative that you apply for it BEFORE your soft-bound thesis.

You must apply for your Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES) before the date your Tier 4 visa expires and BEFORE you complete your PhD.

You will be considered to have completed your PhD once your award has been approved. Please note, this may be before you have submitted your hardbound thesis. 

Should you have any further questions regarding the DES please contact the International Student Support Team:

Thesis Submission by a member of staff

Members of staff who are candidates for higher degrees who must pay the required submission fee: Student Business will ask the Finance Office to raise an invoice for this fee after your thesis has been submitted.

Fees are as follows:

  • £130 (for the degree of Master)
  • £165 (for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy)

Resubmission of a thesis for examination

Candidates resubmitting their thesis for examination are required to pay the resubmission fee. Student Business will ask the Finance Office to raise an invoice for this fee after your thesis has been submitted.

Fees are as follows:

  • Resubmission fee: £70

Uploading your final thesis

You are required to submit:

  • one final electronic, and
  • one final hardbound copy of your thesis.

You should upload your thesis to SharePoint as a PDF file. You should submit the final hardbound copy to Student Business.
For more information on the format of your thesis please consult the Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Students.

Please do not submit your final electronic thesis until Student Business have confirmed your award approval. Any thesis submitted before this time will be deleted and you will be asked to upload the final thesis again.

When your award has been approved by the Vice Dean Student Business will confirm this by email. This email will contain information on submitting the final versions of your thesis.

Digital Licence Agreement

Alongside your final electronic thesis, you are required to complete a Digital Thesis Licence Agreement on SharePoint. This will only become available to you when your award has been approved by the Vice Dean.

Should you experience any difficulty in accessing or submitting your Digital Licence Agreement via SharePoint please contact Student Business:

Moratorium/access restrictions

Should you wish to restrict access to your final thesis, please submit a completed Moratorium Request form to Student Business.

For more information please see our access restrictions webpage.

For more information on the postgraduate research examination process please consult our frequently asked questions or contact Student Business: