Where can I find out more information about Endnote Web?

Try the Adept Science web site here.

How will students and researchers learn to use EndNote Web?

EndNote Webs intuitive interface gets users up to speed quickly. An online Getting Started Guide comes with the program, including online tutorials with 24/7 access to assist users getting started. For more information, please go to www.endnoteweb.com/training or view the EndNote Web Guided Tour in the Help Section.

How will EndNote users take advantage of EndNote Web?

Desktop EndNote users will find EndNote Web a great way to collaborate, maximizing the expertise each researcher brings to a project. Using EndNote Web, researchers can share specific folders with designated colleagues or students. A shared folder can be viewed by others with an EndNote Web account. EndNote Web on the desktop remains the powerhouse favored by researchers who publish frequently, write citation-intensive works and require the performance available only from a desktop tool.

The addition of EndNote Web helps undergraduate students organize their references for citing in papers. EndNote Web users can select EndNote X or EndNote Web, for citing references in a paper. Cite While You Write works the same whether you are citing references from your desktop or Web library.

For the professional researcher and graduate student who depend on EndNote and other desktop writing tools, EndNote Web is the perfect complement for storing references. Now the millions of EndNote users who demand a robust desktop writing tool with a higher degree of accessibility and control can be even more productive using the combination of EndNote X and EndNote Web.

How do I move my WriteNote data to EndNote Web?

To start using your new EndNote Web account, you must first export your library from WriteNote, create a new account in EndNote Web, and import your library into the new account. Below are the steps needed to complete this process.

    • Exporting your WriteNote library

    Got to http://myWriteNote.com and login.
    Go to a folder containing references and click the Check Page button to automatically check all references on a page.
    From the Save or Copy... drop-down list box, select Copy To Export List.
    Repeat steps 1-2 for all pages and folders until your export list is complete.
    Click the Export link in the left navigation pane.
    Select RefMan (RIS) Export from the Select Bibliography Output Style drop-down list box.
    Select the TXT (plain text file) from the Export Format drop-down list box.
    Click the Continue button.
    Click the Save To& on the preview page and save the file locally.

    • Uninstalling WriteNote Plug-ins

    Close all open programs, including Microsoft® Word, Internet Explorer, and Outlook.
    Click the Windows Start button.
    Select the Programs menu.
    Select the WriteNote menu.
    Then select Uninstall.
    Continue with the Uninstall process until complete.
    Upon completion, restart your computer if prompted.
    To uninstall the toolbar for Mozilla, open Mozilla and click the Uninstall button in the toolbar.

    • Registering a new account in EndNote Web

    Go to http://myendnoteweb.com.
    Click the Sign Up for an account link.
    Complete the registration fields and click the I Accept button if you accept the End User License Agreement.
    Follow the instructions provided to install the plug-ins, or click the return to my library link to go to your new library.

    • Importing your library into EndNote Web

    Click the Import link in the upper left navigation pane.
    Click the Browse button in Step 1.
    Navigate and select the export file and then click the Open button.
    Select RefMan RIS in Step 2.
    Click the Import button.