All staff and students at Strathclyde have their own IT account, called a Directory Services (DS) account.

To log in to your DS account, you need:

  • Your DS username (a string of letters and numbers)
  • Your DS password

Your DS account gives you access to many University computer systems, including those that hold your personal information. Never share your password with anyone else. If you forget your password or think you've revealed it to someone else, you can change your password now.

Getting your DS username and password

We will send your DS account details to your personal email address before your first day at Strathclyde. If you haven’t received this email please bring your student card to the Information Services enquiries desk on Level 3 of the Library and our staff will help you. 

Our email will explain how to change your password to something that you can remember more easily. Visit our Cyber Security pages to find out how to create a strong password.