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If you'd like to study with friends or in a group, Level 2 is the main group study floor. There are also 19 bookable discussion rooms in the Library.

Level 2

  • Green study zone
  • 5 small bookable rooms
  • 4 large bookable rooms

Level 3

  • Green study zone
  • 3 large bookable rooms

Level 4

  • Enclosed group study zone
  • 5 small bookable rooms

Level 5

  • Enclosed group study zone
  • Education Resources Centre for School of Education students
  • 5 small bookable rooms

If you would like to study with friends or in a group, you should go to a green group study zone.

Level 2 facilities

Level 2 is our main group study floor. Facilities on this floor include:



Other group study zones

There are group study zones on other floors. These are:

  • The enclosed group study zone on Level 5.

Students from the Strathclyde Institute of Education may want to use the Education Resources Centre on Level 5.

Group study zone rules

When you're working in the group zones, please:

  • drink only from containers with lids, such as bottles, flasks and coffee cups with lids
  • eat only cold food such as sandwiches, sweets and small snacks
  • keep your mobile phone on silent mode and use it with consideration for those around you

You may also want to read our study zone regulations.