Library Financial donations & gifts

The Andersonian Library is one of the most widely-used facilities at the University. We're open to all students and staff. We receive approximately half a million visits each semester.

We are greatly appreciative of monetary gifts or endowments to support the Library. They can help with general collection development and help the purchase of materials in a specific subject area. They can also help conserve historic special collections for continuing active research use. They can also help expand electronic information sources.

Gifts and endowments make a real difference to the University community.

The growing interest in endowments is a particularly welcome trend. They guarantee long-term, sustained support for the Library's collections. Many well-wishers have found that endowments provide a means of celebrating a happy anniversary. Or commemorating the life of a loved one in perpetuity in a sensitive and positive way.

If you'd like to donate money to the Library, please contact our University Librarian.