The Andersonian Library is a #GreenUniLibrary

Information Services has its Bronze, Silver, and Gold Green Impact awards. Some of the things we do to be green are:

Energy and water

  • taps in our toilets are push-activated, so they can't be left running when no one is using them
  • wherever possible, lighting in Information Services' buildings are motion-activated - they cannot be left on when no one is using them
  • we encourage staff, students, and visitors to travel by public transport, by bicycle or on foot

Waste and recycling

  • we provide modern hand dryers, not paper towels, in our toilets
  • we provide recycling bins for paper, plastic, cans, food waste and glass

Thermal comfort policy

The heating in our buildings is controlled by a central Building Management System (BMS). The temperature in our buildings is managed by the University's Estates team. This is in keeping with Strathclyde's Thermal Comfort Policy. The policy specifies safe temperatures for different area types in the University. For more details, contact Estates Services.

Sustainable Strathclyde

Sustainable Strathclyde is the University's driving force on sustainability and carbon reduction. They support the University in its aim to become Net-Zero for carbon emissions by 2040. And to build a greener and more climate-resilient campus.