About Customer Service Excellence

The University's Library and Information Resources division (LIR), which includes the Library and the McCance and TIC helpdesks, achieved Customer Service Excellence accreditation in November 2019. 

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a national standard of the UK Government. CSE ensures organisations put the customer at the heart of everything they do and adapt their services and facilities in line with customer needs and preferences. We call this 'customer focus'.

CSE is:

  1. a driver of continuous improvement allowing us to self assess our capability in relation to customer focussed service delivery. This helps us to identify areas and methods for improvement.
  2. a skills development tool allowing our staff to explore and acquire new skills in the area of customer focus and customer engagement. Through this we can build our capacity for delivering improved services.
  3. an independent validation of achievement allowing us to secure formal accreditation, which is independently re-assessed each year.

“I am passionate about delivering excellent customer service to every visitor to the Library.  All Library and Information Resources staff are very proud of their commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience, and endeavour daily to improve the way that we do things. However, we are not complacent that everything is perfect. We have, therefore, decided to challenge ourselves by testing what we do against an established external standard, so we can both benchmark and learn from others, and identify and address any gaps in service that may exist. This will ensure we continue our journey of ongoing improvement and remain responsive to the changing needs of our customers.”

Elaine Blaxter, University Librarian

CSE assessment 

CSE assesses our performance against 5 criteria:

  1. Customer Insight
  2. The Culture of the Organisation
  3. Information and Access
  4. Delivery (how we achieve our aims)
  5. Timeliness and Quality of Service

Learn more

Find out more about the standard on the Customer Service Excellence website.


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