Our Festive Feedback Tree 

In December, we put up a Christmas tree in the Library. We ask you to write feedback or a festive message on a bauble and hang it on our tree. We call it the Festive Feedback Tree. 

Please note we may share your feedback on Twitter or Instagram, but we’ll anonymise it first. 


Some feedback from Christmas 2021

  • "Need so much more study space, ridiculously busy at exams. Also more computers."
  • "More computers and chairs, and new chairs."

To comply with Covid regulations, we had to remove some furniture from the Library, and deactivate some of our computers. As restrictions eased we have brought more furniture and computers back in to use. 

The Library is back to full capacity as we approach the Semester 1 assessment period in 2022-23.


  • "More sockets, please!" 

Every year we install more power sockets in the Library. We added 132 new sockets in 2022.


  • "Fix the lighting, please."

We regularly check lighting and replace faulty bulbs and/or units.

In 2022 as part of our window replacement project, we are having several windows on each floor made larger, to let in more light.


More feedback

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