LibraryFines & charges

Remember to return your items on loan before the due date to avoid being fined.

Please be aware that the due date on your items may change if another student places a reservation on them. We will email you if your due dates change, so it’s important that you check your Strathclyde email account regularly.

Library fines

We are currently only charging fines on reserved items, at a rate of £1 per day.

If fines on your account total more than £10 you won't be able to borrow anything else until you have made a payment, and your items on loan won't automatically renew.

You can pay fines online or with a credit/debit card at the self-service kiosks on Level 3.

Long overdue items

We regularly send overdue notices to your Strathclyde email account. If an item you have on loan is more than 4 weeks overdue (or two weeks for a Short Loan item) we will add a £50 lost item charge to your Library account, and you will be blocked from borrowing any further items. We will send an email notification to tell you this has happened.

If you still have the item please return it to us as soon as possible – the item will now have been on loan to you for a considerable time and we want all Library customers to have access to our stock. If you return the item the £50 lost item charge will be removed from your account. However, you may still be liable for a fine of up to £10.

If you have lost the item on loan to you, you can pay the £50 lost item charge, or you can provide us with a replacement copy in good condition. Contact us if you want to discuss providing a suitable replacement copy.

If you do not respond to the notification about the £50 lost item charge you will be invoiced by the University for the charge. At this stage we still want the item back – so if you still have it please return it to us as soon as possible.

What happens to Library fines and lost item charges?

Any income we derive from Library fines is reinvested in resources to support Library customers. If you pay a lost item charge we may not purchase a replacement copy of the same title that you lost – we may purchase an alternative resource if we deem that to be a more useful addition to stock.

Remember, we do not want to charge you – we just want our stock back so other Library customers can make use of it when browsing our shelves, or by borrowing.

Fines & charges exceptions policy

We may waive fines in exceptional circumstances, check our fines and charges exceptions policy.

If you are concerned about fines or charges on your Library record, outstanding invoices for Library materials or about returning long overdue items please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

We really want our stock back in order to make it available for other customers.