ProcurementProcurement tool kit & documentation

There are various documents and procedures that may be required to be completed during the purchasing of Goods or Services. The documents, along with when they should be used, can be found below.

Single Source Justification (SSJ) - Must be completed in respect of all orders exceeding £3,000.00 (excluding VAT) where:

  • The proposed purchase is not being made under a Recommended Contract and
  • Competitive offers are not being obtained.

If the value of the intended purchase exceeds £25,000, the SSJ must also be approved and countersigned by the Head of Purchasing.

Low Value Invitation to Quote Template - A template for a low value (up to £25,000) Invitation to Quote can be found here.

The Scottish Government's Procurement Journey and its templates are used by the Procurement Team when carrying out a tendering exercise over £25,000. There are three varying levels of the Procurement Journey toolkits available and these should be selected based on the spend and complexity of the commodity.

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