ProcurementStrategic Sourcing Methodology

Objectives of the Methodology

The purpose of the Strategic Sourcing Methodology is to support the University's Procurement professionals in the process of developing and implementing a commodity strategy.

The Methodology has four main objectives:

  1. To provide a step-by-step guide to profiling a commodity and the development of commodity strategies to populate the standard Commodity Strategy
  2. To provide a set of templates that the commodity team can use to collate and analyse data required
  3. To ensure a smooth and sustainable implementation of commodity strategies in keeping with the EU Regulations and University policy
  4. To standardise the strategic sourcing process across the University in order to facilitate collaboration and associated benefits.

Strategic Sourcing Methodology & the Procurement Manual

The Strategic Sourcing Methodology is a comprehensive guide on all the University's contracting issues and contracting principles and it will advise on the purchase of goods, services and works at all values. The Strategic Sourcing Methodology is not intended to supersede the Procurement Manual, but rather to complement the processes described within it and the University's contracting principles. This Methodology should be used in conjunction with the Procurement Manual.

Strategic Sourcing Methodology

The Strategic Sourcing Methodology is a sequence of steps, which encompass the structured and comprehensive approach to purchasing all goods and services on a University-wide basis. The methodology covers the way in which a commodity is procured, managed and its benefits tracked through the commodity lifecycle.

The Strategic Sourcing Methodology and its contents are designed to provide a guide through each step and include all the information and associated tools or techniques required to complete each stage in the overall sourcing process.