Students and staff at University's community gardens

Biodiversity in Glasgow

Translating as "Dear Green Place" in Gaelic, Glasgow boasts more urban green space than any other Scottish city, with over a fifth of the city’s area being home to parks, woodland and nature trails.

The term 'Biodiversity' refers to the abundance and diversity of life in a particular area and, in Glasgow, these green spaces create habitats for thousands of different species. This certainly makes it easy to spot a vast array of wildlife as you travel through the city!


Biodiversity at Strathclyde

At Strathclyde we are committed to maintaining and exceeding the city-wide standard of biodiversity. There are three ways in which we do this:

Campus Development

Through developing the campus, a revamped green garden space will be developed in Rottenrow Gardens, and green infrastructure will continue to be retrofitted throughout the university.




There are many opportunities for staff and students to engage with nature through our community garden, social walking groups and led cycle rides.




Strathclyde has committed to championing biodiversity on a senior level, which has been captured in our Biodiversity Policy that links to species monitoring, grounds management, developing partnerships and promoting wellbeing.