Analysis and validation of the University of Strathclyde Motorsport (USM) racing car

USM are a student-led team who annually compete in the global Formula Student initiative. This competition consists of designing, building, marketing and racing a single-seater racing car. The team is encouraged to focus on various aspects throughout the creation of the car, e.g. component design, manufacturing quality, component documentation, environmental impact.

For several years the AMRL has collaborated with USM, providing technical support, supervision and guidance in developing novel material solutions, component and performance upgrading, and validations of new concepts. Some of the most recent work has covered assessment of mechanical performance to 3-pt bend and punch tests of carbon fibre honeycomb sandwich panels. These are allowing the progression from a steel tube spaceframe chassis to a carbon fibre monocoque.

We aim to aid the USM team through the transition to designing and building an electric vehicle. The AMRL is prepared to analyse, test and provide data to ensure safety of the vehicle in addition to making it as light as possible for better performance.

500x500 Punch test

Punch test set up.

University of Strathyclyde motorsport team racecar

Recent competition which saw the USM team achieve 1st place in the cost and manufacturing event.