Advanced Materials Research LaboratoryMetallographic techniques

Our expert (Mr James Kelly) has 30+ years’ experience in metallographic preparation and microscopy, with excellent skills in etching a variety of metals and knowledge for interpretation of microstructures.

Abrasive cutter & precision cutter

  • Various types and sizes of abrasive wheels to carefully section any specimen
  • With a 250mm diameter cutting disc (for the abrasive cutter) and a 150mm disc (for the precision cutter)
  • Option to open the side for continuous long materials
  • Recirculated coolant to reduce overheating of specimens.

Cold and hot mounting

  • Automatic hot mounting presses
  • Mould sizes of 30mm and 40mm diameter
  • Hydraulic operation with automatic water cooling (for hot mounting)
  • Several pressure modes
  • Correct encapsulation of material is ensured for grinding/polishing.
Metallographic equipment to grind and polish


  • With manual or automatic options
  • A selection of rotational speeds and applied loads provide flexibility to suit individual materials
  • Selection of different SiC papers and polishing pads for a broad range of material preparation
  • Etching solutions for all materials.