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Human Centric AI Research Group

The Human Centric AI Research Group distinguish itself from that pursued elsewhere via its emphasis in putting people at the heart of AI. Indeed, our central belief is that AI-technologies will only reach their potential, and be fully adopted by society, if the technical advances within AI are driven by the needs of the people who will benefit from them. That means not only do we need to develop core new AI technologies, but we insist that the utility of these technologies within a human environment is central to their development.

Our key strengths

  • we develop new and innovative approaches to AI-based problem solving to ensure solutions are explainable, trusted and acceptable by those users who are ultimately responsible for the decisions
  • we reverse the tables and rather than expect humans to fit around AI-systems, we ask how can AI fit into human-centric decision systems
  • we close the gap between humans and AI-systems by extending the latter to cover the vital area of human intelligence in problem solving where current AI-systems perform poorly
  • we build persistently autonomous systems that are able to act both reasonably and robustly in real-time, challenging environments